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Fall 2021 begins week of August 5th
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Users will receive login information via email:

Students should receive an email from the instructor from the RVC platform also with a welcome and instructions from your teacher. 
Each class is unique based on subject matter and instructor.
If you already have a past user name for RVC please use that.
User name should be the email address you used during registration.
Password = password (you will change it).
You can edit your profile (after login) to a different email address to receive communication from the RVC site but your user name will stay the same as the email you used during registration.

Please note the instructors will be patient the first week as we work on stabilizing rosters and fixing any technical issues that may arise.

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RVC Help Desk
Email RVC help desk at

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Student Support
Resources Guide::

The table below helps
identify the best resources to help you resolve any issues you might encounter
with your online course.

If You Have Question Concerning:

Then You Should Contact:

RVC Course Registration

•  Your Local School Counselor
•  Your Local School Lab Facilitator
•  RVC Administrative Office

RVC Student Orientation

•  Your Local School Lab Facilitator
•  RVC Instructor
•  RVC Administrative Office

Academic Support

•  Your Local School Lab Facilitator
•  RVC Instructor
•  RVC Learning Support Specialist

Technical Support

•  Your Local School Lab Facilitator
•  RVC Instructor
•  RVC Learning Support Specialist

Final Exams Dates

RVC Course Website

RVC Saturday Labs

RVC Website

Accessibility Questions

RVC Administrative Office


NEED HELP??? Questions?
Email Online Learning Support ::

Office hours: Monday - FRIDAY 7 AM - 4 PM. with some Saturday Labs 

Director of RVC: Dr. Douglas Arnold

 Please Check with your home school Counselor if you are unsure about the online course you are taking.  

If you have course scheduling issues please email
 Technical Issues? Please email

You may reach Rockdale Virtual Campus by phone at 770-388-5677 x 31376

Our offices are located at the Rockdale Career Academy room 1411

YOU MUST HAVE A REAL EMAIL ACCOUNT. IF NOT PLEASE LET YOUR INSTRUCTOR KNOW. is a great site to get a free email account.